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stand up comedy, metro tv, raditya dika jadwal stand up, comedy metro tv, download stand up comedy metro tv, stand up comedy metro tv, juli 2014, stand up co… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Matt Rife gets real with Los Angeles’s unique brand of homeless. Want to see more Stand Up Comedy? Subscribe to the Laugh Factory’s channel here: http://yout… Video Rating: 3 / 5 (296)

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  • Aaron Graves 5 months ago

    I thought he was funny

  • Mitch Kirkby 5 months ago

    Comedy has no limitations.
    Although this guy isn’t the best… comedians will make a joke out of
    anything so don’t watch stand up comedy if you’re easily offended.
    Simple. Comedy has no limitations. 

  • Jaden Spliff 5 months ago

    The best part was the ending, which couldn’t come soon enough. Stick to
    being a self-righteous, entitled little dick working at American Apparel
    and sticking your nose up at people who appear beneath you but school you
    on the game of life on the regular.

  • Deadmeatproductions 5 months ago

    disrespectful fucking little brat……. yeah you just stand there and make
    fun of homeless people with your expensive ass young and reckless shirt and
    greased up hair…… did his parents pay for his stand up comedian

  • MSCode 5 months ago

    Really funny guy. The thumbs downs must be from Jesus lovers. I wonder why
    they watch comics. Maybe they thought he would have more gay Jesus jokes.
    Opps there I said it gay Jesus. Now I am going to hell for sure. I am
    willing to be saved but only by female bible basher. Them male bible bashes
    what the fuck do they want to save other guys for?

  • Daliah B. 5 months ago

    The second part of the joke did not make any sense 

  • Valessa M 5 months ago

    Homeless people are real 

  • Jason Donnar 5 months ago

    jesus… I made it to 0:11 and said fuck it…

  • IICapAc_AmaruII 5 months ago

    I hate that kid.

  • ChipArgyle 5 months ago

    That last joke he told is literally decades old.

  • thelousyllama 5 months ago

    Not really funny.. What were the audience laughing for? Maybe it’s because
    he is hot so there is some points there.. But was kinda dull

  • peptopro17 5 months ago


  • Zack WallonDrums 5 months ago


  • Reap Reaperton 5 months ago

    He stole the sucking dick for money thing from Kevin Hart. Bitch ass

  • Stock Loc 5 months ago

    Wtf this guy is like Tosh.0′s idiot little brother.

  • coolcc22 5 months ago


  • Vince Sansano 5 months ago

    First singing now comedy? Justin Bieber just thinks he can do anything huh?

  • zPhresh 5 months ago

    I came back to dislike this again

  • Talentcall 5 months ago

    haha! This was great.

  • MrShott13 5 months ago

    Whats up with all the butthurt people? Since when do you have to
    make politically correct jokes as a comedian LMFAO

  • AdrenalineMusicHD 5 months ago

    Did he just say a kevin hart joke and then just switch it up or is it just

  • ZoomZip 5 months ago

    I’m confused if this person is a guy or a girl.

  • Katrina V 5 months ago

    Why all the hate? He’s just a kid..

  • mmacsds 5 months ago

    this was funny, especially the beginning

  • Argonaut22j 5 months ago

    the first part where is describing the homeless guy is hilarious